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Visiting Essaouira in September: is this the best month to visit?

Visiting Essaouira in September: is this the best month to visit?

Is September a good time to visit Essaouira? What’s the weather like in Essaouira in September? Have the summer crowds gone and is it still warm enough to sunbathe? We answer all these questions here and more, so read on.

With the summer crowds gone, continued warm temperatures hovering around 26°C, and the promise of a drop in wind (July and August are notoriously windy months), September is one of the best months to visit Essaouira. This beautiful coastal town has regained its peaceful status after the hustle and bustle of August when both domestic and international tourism is at its peak.

However, as temperatures are still high inland (you can still expect the temperature to be close to 40°C in Marrakech), weekends can be busy with locals flocking to those cooling Atlantic winds. Although, if you’re planning to do some of the activities featured in our guide for things to do in Essaouira, such as quad-biking or kite-surfing, you really don’t need to book too far in advance. Just a day or so beforehand is absolutely fine. Accommodation prices have also dropped from the peak season.

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Essaouira weather in September

Day time temperatures in September hover around 26°C, and sunshine is pretty much guaranteed every day. On average, you can expect only one rainy day in Essaouira in September.

On windy days it can feel cooler, and on calm days it will feel much warmer. In the evenings you will need a light jumper; yes, it can be pretty chilly on the beach at sunset.

On some days in September in Essaouira, temperatures can still nudge close to 30°C, and, if you go inland just a few kilometres, it’s much much hotter than by the coast.

You can also expect a couple of days where the town and beach are covered in sea mist, with little wind. The island off the coast disappears and you can’t see from one end of the beach to the other. It’s rather eerie and an interesting contrast to the bright, sunny days.

The sea beckons for a refreshing dip and whilst sea temperatures begin to rise very slightly (expect around 22°C), this is the Atlantic Ocean, so don’t expect it to be warm like the Mediterranean; the water is still on the chilly side. Plus, due to the wind, it can sometimes feel rather chilly emerging from the water.

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Has the wind gone completely in September in Essaouira?

Locals will tell you that the wind completely drops in September. Indeed, average wind speeds drop to 24kmph (whilst August typically averages at 33kmph).

However, this is Essaouira, the “Windy City of Africa” and you should still expect a windy day. Indeed, sat on my rooftop in Diabat today in September, it’s a very gusty day with wind speeds of 44kmph! That certainly blows the cobwebs off.

On days when it is very windy, it’s not really a day for sunbathing as wind gets whipped up into your face and manages to find its way into every nook and cranny. Head to the medina for shelter, or perhaps try our self-guided Essaouira walking tour.

But on average, you can indeed expect some much calmer days in Essaouira in September. These days are wonderful for lounging on Essaouira beach with a good book.

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Is Essaouira much quieter in September?

Compared to August in Essaouira, September is beautifully quiet. Although don’t expect Ramadan levels of quiet; tourism is still ticking over, but both international and domestic kids are back in school and it makes a huge difference. September is a month popular with international travellers who don’t have kids.

As temperatures can still be extremely hot inland (40°C in Marrakech is still typical in September), domestic tourism can be very busy at the weekends in Essaouira, with locals fleeing to the coast for those cooling Atlantic winds.

September accommodation prices tend to drop slightly and you can sometimes find a good deal on our recommended Essaouira hotels. Pre-booking is still advised in September, especially if you’re looking for a long-term Airbnb, say for a month.

Is September a good time to visit Essaouira?

Taking into consideration sunshine, warmth, sea temperature, wind, religious festivals, and crowd levels throughout the year, September is one of the best months to visit Essaouira.

Summer crowds have dissipated, but the days are still long and warm, and most importantly, the wind has dropped considerably. However, this is Essaouira, the “Windy City of Africa”, and there are still windy days in Essaouira in September, especially towards the beginning of the month. So you may still manage to get some kite-surfing in; if not, grab the surf-boards.

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