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Essaouira Airport: your essential guide

Essaouira Airport: your essential guide

Essaouira Airport (known formally as Essaouira Airport Mogador) is the nearest airport to Essaouira (15km from the city) and serves both domestic and international flights. This is the easiest way to get to Essaouira if you are visiting from Europe.

This is a very small airport and a much more relaxed entry point to Morocco compared to Marrakech or Casablanca.

Here we cover what you can expect on both arrival to and departure from Essaouira Airport, and answer important questions such as; is there an ATM at Essaouira Airport? And how to I get from Essaouira Airport to the town?

What is the airport code for Essaouira?

The airport code for Essaouira is ESU.

Essaouira Airport

Direct flights to Essaouria from Europe

While most tourists enter Morocco via Marrakech, Agadir, or even Casablanca, there are also direct flights from European cities to Essaouira.

These include:

  • Paris Orly to Essaouira (up to 4 flights per week with Transavia France)
  • London Stansted to Essaouira (2 flights per week with Ryanair)
  • Brussels South Charleroi to Essaouira (2 flights per week with Ryanair)
  • Marseille Provence to Essaouira (2 flights per week with Ryanair)
  • Bordeaux to Essaouira (2 flights per week with easyJet)
Direct flights to Essaouira
European flights to Essaouira

Landing at Essaouira airport

Once your flight lands at Essaouira airport, there is no jet bridge to walk along to take you from the plane into the terminal. Descend the steps from your plane and walk the 50 metres or so to the terminal. This leads straight into passport control.

On entering the building, your passport will be checked.

walk from plane to Essaouira Airport terminal

Passport control

On recent visits to Essaouira, it’s taken about twenty minutes to get through passport control. This can be longer if you’ve just arrived after another flight. Those arriving to Essaouira with young kids are ushered ahead to a separate queue and staff make sure you are seen to as quickly as possible.

At passport control you will be asked the address of your accommodation (so have this handy), and may be asked your occupation.

Please note that drones are not permitted in Morocco.

Once you’re stamped into Morocco, another security guard will check your passport before you exit to the baggage carousels, which are just to the right (two small ones).

Essaouira airport baggage carousel

Collect any checked luggage if you need to, and then exit to the left. You will be asked to put your bags through a security scanner before you exit.

If you need the loo, it’s to the left of the exit from customs.

Essaouira Airport ATM

From customs, you walk out into the main entrance to Essaouira airport. If you have prearranged a driver, he will be waiting here for you.

Here you will also find an ATM (there is only one at the airport), toilets, and a small café with seating.

ATM at Essaouira Airport
the only ATM at Essaouira Airport

As the Moroccan Dirham is a closed currency, the ATM at Essaouira airport is your first opportunity to get out cash. There’s a maximum limit of DH2000 (€200) to take out, which is standard across all ATMs in Morocco, and there is an option for English instructions.

Essaouira Airport arrivals
toilets are in the main area of the terminal at Essaouira Airport


There is free WIFI at Essaouira airport (WIFI-AERO-ESSAOUIRA). The WIFI is actually pretty good for a small airport. It’s enough to message family and friends to let them know you’ve arrived safely.

How to get to and from Essaouira airport to Essaouira city centre

It’s 15km from Essaouira Airport to the centre of Essaouira. If driving, allow 20 minutes.

Airport transfer organised through your accommodation

Your accommodation will be able to arrange an airport transfer for you. This is a good idea if you’re a first time visitor to Essaouira and unsure how to get to your accommodation. Your driver will be waiting for you as you exit customs, holding a sign.

Expect to pay DH200 for an airport transfer arranged through your accommodation. If you are heading to the Sofitel in Diabat, expect to be quoted DH400 by the accommodation.

Taxi from Essaouira Airport to town

Otherwise, it’s very easy getting a taxi. Taxis will be waiting to the far left as you exit the terminal. Look out for the group of light blue cars.

Taxi station at Essaouira airport
taxis at Essaouira Airport wait to the far left of the car park as you exit the terminal

It is a flat fee of DH150 (€15), even if you arrive after dark. If you are going to Diabat, the fare is DH200.

Please note that you need cash (Moroccan Dirhams) to pay your driver, cards are not accepted. So make sure you get cash from the ATM before you leave the terminal. If, on the off chance, the ATM at the terminal doesn’t work, your driver will be able to stop at one on the way to your destination.

It is unlikely that your driver will haggle with you, but they may not have the right change. The ATM ejects DH200 notes, and the fare is DH150. Just ask twice about the change.

Also, it’s worth getting the mobile number of the driver if you are returning to Essaouira airport at the end of your trip. The petit taxis around Essaouira are not permitted to drive passengers to the airport, and the only way the get to the airport (aside from catching the bus) is by prearranged a taxi / transfer. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the driver’s number for any reason, as your accommodation will be able to help you arrange a transfer to return to the airport should you need it. Otherwise you could catch a Grand Taxi from the Grand Taxi station to the north of Essaouira medina (click here for location).

No 2 Lima bus

Alternatively, take the No 2 Lima bus. This is the cheapest option and runs between 6:30am and 6:30pm, every day of the week. However, the bus doesn’t always go directly to the terminal and may only stop at the main road at the junction to the airport. From the junction, it is a 3km walk.

Best to take a taxi. Much easier.

Departing from Essaouira Airport

As it’s such a small airport with infrequent flights, you don’t really need to arrive at the airport more than 2 hours in advance, which is when the gates generally open leading through to passport control and the boarding area.

At the immediate entrance to the terminal building, you will need to show your boarding pass and passport, and put your bags through the security scanner.

If you do arrive early, you will need to wait in the main arrivals terminal. Here you will find a small café, toilets, and a small souvenir shop.

Essaouira Airport cafe
small café at Essaouira Airport

Get your boarding pass stamped

Make sure you get your boarding pass stamped at check in when it opens. Even if you have no bags to check in, you’ve checked in online and have your boarding pass printed out (only printed boarding passes are accepted), you need to queue at check in to get your boarding pass stamped.

Security at the departure gates will not allow you through until your boarding pass is stamped. The check in desks are to the right when you first enter the terminal.

Essaouira Airport arrivals
check in at Essaouira Airport


Once your boarding pass is stamped, proceed through to Departures where your passport will be checked and your bags need to go through a security scanner (all electronics, batteries, and liquids in clear bags need to come out, shoes can be kept on – although if you have a large sole you may be asked to remove them) and then passport control.

At passport control you may be asked for your most recent accommodation in Morocco and your occupation. 

Your passport and tickets are then checked again, and then you may be selected for further security checks.

The boarding area

In the boarding area there are clean toilets, a small café serving paninis and hot drinks, a small souvenir shop, and a duty free shop. There is also a charging area in the far right hand corner as you walk away from passport control.

Wait in the seated boarding area until you are asked to board your flight home.

Explore Essaouira ebook

Updated for 2024, the Explore Essaouira ebook is the only travel guide you need for exploring Essaouira. It is jam packed with inspiration on what to do, where to eat, where to stay, and also includes a step-by-step self-guided walking tour (with photos). 

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